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Lingots store

I would love to have more options for my middle school students to use their Lingots. The options offered right now are just not that appealing and fun. I remember that a while back you could "buy" a different outfit for the owl with Lingots. Where did that go? Any suggestions as to how to improve the Lingots store? Thanks!

September 22, 2015



That has not gone anywhere as it is still available where it was available on the app. This has never been available on the web version, but on the web we have the options to buy the idioms, flirting and Christmas lessons.


the outfits for the owl is actually only on the phone app, I wish it would be on the computer too but sadly it's not


Thank you for pointing that out. I did not realize it was only on the phone app. Too bad!


i would love some other materials in the lingot store, as a short dialogue or an indie language game, short songs and questions to follow, something like that, but sadly its still the same store since one year :(

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