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"La motoro kaj la rado estos necesaj."

Translation:The motor and the wheel will be necessary.

September 22, 2015



I can't hear the audio. Is something wrong with my browser?


I can't hear as well...


Apparently motor ≠ engine I'm not a native english speaker, so could someone please help me with the difference?


When a distinction between a "motor" and an "engine" is made in English, a motor is a device that draws its energy from an outside source (like an electric motor) and an engine converts fuel into energy within the device (like a diesel engine).

It usually doesn't matter much, though. Unless you're locked in a room full of engineers, most English speakers don't know the difference. Besides, this sentence could have have been about either an electric or gasoline-powered car!


Actually, I'd say that both would work in this case.

Both words have other meanings in other contexts (such as motor skills or fire engines) but in this sentence, their meanings overlap.


Ankaŭ oni povas skribi "La motoro kaj la rado estos necesoj", neceso = necessity


It sounded to me like the voice was actually saying "necesoj" rather than "necesaj."


I agree. I listened repeatedly and heard "necesoj".


The audio seems to have been fixed., “necesaj” is clearly audible.

For completeness' sake, necesoj would not be grammatically correct, as neceso isn't a synonym of “necesaĵo” but more of “neceseco”. Here's what NPIV says:

neceso 1 Absoluta bezono: senti la neceson silenti… 2 neceseco: …la neceso, krei novan literaturon…


My answer (The motor and wheel will be necessary) was fine - including another 'the' is dumb.


So, in trying to make the distiction in Esperanto between an engine and a motor, engine would be translated as "interna brula motoro" and motor as "elektra motoro"?


Yes, the audio not always is good

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