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i need some help !

Im a freshman in high school, and my parents told me huge news the other day , that my family will be moving to Istanbul. where i live now is very different (i live in the gulf) then turkey so it will be a huge change in my life (i will leave my best friends behind, change schools etc) i went to turkey before and its one of the most beautiful countries i have ever been to. i have been living in the same country for 8 years and have never changed my school, and nor do i speak turkish. so this is where i need help in, i want to learn turkish as fast as i can and i don't want to just use duolingo and youtube 24/7 . i need to surround my self with the language even to i'm not in turkey yet. do u have any tips ? and btw i need a list of good turkish songs :) i recently got into turkish songs and I LOVE IT. but i cant find a lot of good songs . it would really help if u can give me a list. And if u have a recommendation for a good turkish novel/ book that i can read :) that would mean a lot:)) xx

September 23, 2015



thank u soo muchh


question : is turkish an easy or hard language ? (from ur experience )


I'm a native Turkish and I can say It isn't hard as you think that not because of its my language . Turkish has different adds for everything , but It's not hard . For example :

Kitap = book Kitapçı = bookstore Kitaplık = bookcase Kütüphane (written as "kitaphane" in Ottoman Turkish . "Hane" means "house" which is the same meaning with "ev" in Turkish .) = library

It's like learning Finnish , Korean or Japanese ... I can tell you about more , If you want :) Because It's too long to explain .


thank you sooo much


I'm not a native Turkish speaker, but I think it's easy when you get used to the agglutination (adding suffixes), cases, and word order. I generally don't believe any language will be hard if you really put your mind to it.


Hey Mia, I'm a native Turkish speaker :) Although Turkish is a bit difficult in the beginning, it will get easier because there is almost none exception (grammar-wise). Almost every single thing has to obey one/to many grammatical rule(s) :)... In Turkey, most American TV Series are broadcasted with subtitles so I think it may help you a lot. Additionally, you can watch movies in theatres, they are all with subtitles. To start reading a novel, I wouldn't recommend any classical Turkish literature. Most of them are written in old Turkish even many younger people have no clue about the words :) I don't know your level of Turkish but just start with the stories not books. For listening to music, it depends on your taste but if you want to listen to popular/chart Turkish songs, then listen to Powerturk FM/TV http://www.powerturk.com


Hello Mia, If you are going to live in Turkey you definitely will learn it faster. First of all as it has been said before it has rules and once you get used to the rules there are rarely exceptions. That is also same with the pronounciation. The second and the more important part is the people you will meet. You will realise Turkish people will be very happy cause you are trying to learn their language and they will love to help you all the time. So don't worry, just start studying, listen to Turkish songs, read books and watch movies. You will be fine. :)

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