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"Mannen venter til det er for sent."

Translation:The man waits until it is too late.

September 23, 2015



"The man waits until later" would be written "Mannen venter til senere"


Could you also say "Mannen venter inntil det er for sent"?


Inntil can mean until, but only for going forward in time, like 'inntil videre' (until further notice). Also I think 'til' is the word normally used with venter. I'm not a native speaker, but I've not heard any other words used with venter in this sense.


Am I mistaking something or "sent" could also be translated into "true"? I remember someone in IKMY saying "Det er sent" and it was translated into "That is true". Takk!


Det er sent = It is late Det er sant = It/that is true

Hope this helps!


How would you say "the man waits/is waiting until later?"


Why can't "mannen" mean the husband" instead of the man? Under mannen is lists both man and husband. I am confused.


I think mannen without a possesive means 'the man', whilst with a possesive (mannen sin, mannen hennes), means her husband. I think if a Norwegian wanted to say 'the husband', they would use ektemannen or ektefellen. I'm not certain about that, and I'm not a native speaker. It's just my sense of how the words are used.


Hi Link, Thank you very much for your response, which makes it easily understood. Your take on this is most likely correct. It had not registered in my brain that there is normally a possessive to lead us to the right translation. Thank you is what I mainly want to tell you. Janet.

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