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  5. "My mother is proud of me."

"My mother is proud of me."

Translation:Moren min er stolt av meg.

September 23, 2015



I thought that when talking about family members "my" is implied. So I put "mor er stolt av meg" and it was counted wrong


It's been added now. Thank you for reporting! :)


Why is stolt an adverb here? I'd have thought an adverb would be she was looking at you proudly but just being proud is an adjective. Is Norwegian different from English like this?


I'm not sure I understand the question...but stolt is an adjective


Oh yes, you're right. I got confused because this was in the adverbs lesson, and I saw the 't' on the end of stolt and assumed it must be an adverb too. Thanks!


Hm, so it's "mora mi... " and also "moren min" why does the "my" change?


The possessive corresponds to the gender of the noun.

The word "mor" happens to have two separate declination patterns. One of the definite forms, "mora", belongs to the feminine declination pattern, while the other definite form, "moren", belongs to the masculine declination pattern:

ei mor - mora - mødre - mødrene (f)
en mor - moren - mødre - mødrene (m)

The possessives which require gender agreement:

mi, di, si, vår (f)
min, din, sin, vår (m)
mitt, ditt, sitt, vårt (n)

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