"Je suis en attente."

Translation:I am in waiting.

January 4, 2013

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This sentence's alternate translation is "I am awaiting," which is not correct in English. "To await" is a transitive verb that requires an object, e.g. "I am awaiting my test results," or "I am awaiting a phone call," or "I am awaiting her arrival." You cannot simply say "I am awaiting" and end the sentence there. This construction requires the intransitive "to wait." Since the original French does not specify what the speaker is awaiting, you cannot use "to await" in the translation. The correct alternate answer should be "I am waiting." (I do, however, agree that "I am in waiting" is probably a better translation, depending on the context.)


In a previous question 'en attente' is also translated as 'on hold'

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