"Він говорить мало, але робить багато."

Translation:He speaks little, but does a lot.

September 23, 2015

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"He says little, but does much" was rejected. Is there a significant difference between that and the accepted "He speaks little but does a lot"?


1) Says - каже (Він каже мало, але робить багато)

2) I've heard that "much" cannot be used in statements, only in negative sentences ("He doesn't speak much") or questions ("Does he speak much?"). Does this still hold, or have the rules changed?


I have never heard of this rule. It is more natural to say he says little but does much. Than to say he does a lot. Perhaps there is a rule, but English is not good at following rules.


The english is missing 'a', it should be he talks a little but does a lot


I actually like "he speaks little" better. Without the article, the English is emphasizing how much he doesn't speak, which matches this context better. "He speaks a little" emphasizes the fact that he does actually speak, as if that is surprising.


He speaks little -> Він говорить мало

He speaks a little -> Він говорить трохи

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