Lao to English/English to Lao

I am learning Lao and would like to team with a small group to create a version for Lao people to learn English and English speakers to learn Lao. Anyone interested? I am currently living in Laos. My Lao is at beginner level, I know numbers, months, days, maybe 600 words if pushed

November 5, 2013


I would LOVE Duolingo to introduce English to Lao/Lao to English. That is my nationality. As an american born Asian to Lao immigrants I can understand the language but I am unable to read or write. I would love to be able to read and write.

August 2, 2017

I VOTE for LAOS as A LANGUAGE for doulingo

November 5, 2017

Please dont let this die, i really want to learn lao :(

April 22, 2016


August 14, 2016

Do you know enough Lao yet to contribute? Since you posted it like 2 years ago

August 1, 2016

Love to see Lao Duolingo up and Running. I have Met some Thai people that can speak all Three languages fluently. Don't know how you would find them though

October 3, 2016

It's been a long time, but I hope to see Lao on Duolingo soon.

April 21, 2017

I am. That is my nationality.

June 11, 2017

Americans (and the rest of the world) call it Laotian, the Lao people themselves call the language Lao, as well as their country and their nationality. Simple: Lao People, Lao Language, country of Lao. Not Laotians, Laotian, and Laos.

I am very fluent in both Thai and Lao, having lived in the countries a combined ten years and having done a great deal of translation continuing to my every day work, my native language being English, and would love to help translate if possible.

July 4, 2017

Every language is very much appreciated! :)

Maybe you can ask some of your Laotian friends to help you? I think the incubator requires you to speak both languages at a very high level, since you need to be able to correctly translate all kinds of sentences.

November 5, 2013

I think if they stick to needing someone fluent at a very high level in both it will be a while yet, but if it is possible to check and double check both ways then that should allow a team approach. Lao varies a lot anyway, so there will be a need to develop options for those who speak and write different Lao words. I meet people who say my Lao is really Thai and others in the capital say no it isn't!

November 5, 2013

You're a beginner yourself. That would be like the blind guiding the blind. There are many subtle things you don't know, and many mistakes you probably still make because even native speakers certainly make mistakes. Besides, Duolingo is looking for native speakers and people who are fluent in both languages.

I don't mean to discourage you, but translating is quite hard, especially if you are not fluent in both languages.

November 5, 2013

I think a better analogy is a BLIND PERSON LEADING A DEAF PERSON. We both bring enough skills to do one part of the job but not the other. The Internet is already a META brain, why not allow a team approach? If your view were correct then spacecraft would have to be built by experts in everything! Believe me, there are lots of subtleties in building a spacecraft. And just maybe trying something is worth a go, that's what innovators do, they say, hang the hell, let's see if we can do it. So, now, give me one good reason not to try? Thank you

November 5, 2013

I never stated you shouldn't try, hence the sentence in bold. You can help as much as you wish, but the problem is Duolingo seems to do some test before you are accepted as a contributor for a language. At least that's what I read in the forum. To pass it, I guess you need to be either an intermediary or an expert in the language you hope to work on.

My suggestion is that if you are so motivated to do help with Lao, find a native speaker that is interested in helping as a moderator, and you can serve as one of his/her contributors.

November 5, 2013

Well, in my history of events, teachers put things in bold to emphasise you are wrong. Is Dessamator the same as Decimator? Getting someone to help me 'pass' the test is cheating, I explained that I can get partners who speak Lao, but how many Lao people are available who are also fluent in English to the expert level? If someone wants to lead this project who is fluent in both then I am happy to be an aid, otherwise, why not make a start? The start is Alpha stage anyway.

November 6, 2013

@GrahamRawlinson, Yes Dessamator is the incorrect spelling for Decimator, my version of it. I didn't mean you would cheat, I meant that you would act as a contributor in an unofficial capacity. The moderator could for example print out all sentences for translation, give them to you, and you can then translate them. Thereafter he/she proofreads and adds it into the system.

Also moderators have autonomy to add contributors they think are competent.

November 6, 2013

It's been three years :<

November 10, 2016

Thanks for starting this thread, GrahamRawlinson! Through the language incubator we hope to see many more new languages on Duolingo. The people that are leading the charge there are community members that have a strong grasp of the language (bilingual proficiency). It doesn't mean there aren't ways to help in these efforts though and rallying people who are interested in Lao being added is awesome. A huge thank you!

November 5, 2013

Thanks for the encouragement, I suppose I am thinking that the 'entry' test could be for teams as well as individuals, if a team of people want to take this on and can do both directions as a team then this is crowd control of the right type? ;-) SO I would just like Duolingo to say, OK, here is the software, have a go for 3 months and let us see what you can do. Nothing would be public until approved. I am in Laos and can have a team of people for the next 4 months, after that it would be through the Internet, but by then the point should be made?

November 6, 2013

PS - In the 1970s (gosh I am old) a colleague and I wrote 13 TV programmes, with no previous experience and nobody to consult with, very few changes were made, this is not quite the same but people can do good work without being experts.

November 6, 2013

I did not know that Westerners could visit Laos in 1970s (Cold War-Vietnam War era).

August 8, 2017

I would love to lean Lao :)

August 31, 2016

Very keen to learn Lao as I want to visit there in the next year. Here's hoping!

September 18, 2017

[deactivated user]

    You don't have to wait for Duolingo. You could make a youtube channel, your own app or website. And there are online resources to help you learn the language. As the saying goes- if you wait for someone to give you what you want then you end up waiting forever.

    April 3, 2018

    First lao discussion found by me! havent seen many tall.

    Thanks Guy Deutscher for inventing tall.

    November 18, 2015

    I started to play around with Duolingo app, unfortunately, the app doesn't allow you to record the Lao voice. The machine speaks Lao is not going to cut it.

    February 8, 2018


    January 18, 2019


    June 22, 2019

    I'm a Lao American. My mom never taught me so I don't even know how to speak it! Please make this happen!!

    June 25, 2019
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