"No, I do not have a car."

Translation:Ні, у мене немає машини.

3 years ago



In the construction "я не маю...", as opposed to the "у мене немає (genitive)," shouldn't the object be accusative? If so what is the proper inflection of машина? Машину? If it still takes the genitive, why? In other words, just to change it up, I answered this "я не маю машину" and it was marked wrong not in favor of "у мене немає машини" but instead for "я не маю машини." Does the verb "to have" take the genitive or shouldn't it have been accusative?

3 years ago


Interestingly, I am positive that construction "я немаю..." takes genitive but about "я маю..." I am not sure: genitive or accusative.

1 year ago
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