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  5. "No tenemos alimentos."

"No tenemos alimentos."

Translation:We do not have food.

January 4, 2013



Can you not say "We do not have foods?" Like, more than one kind of food?


I have heard foods used with the S such as "We have different foods." I don't know if it is 100% grammatically correct, though.


I do not know but personally I think of "food" as plural or singular without the "s" like "fish" for example.


what's the difference between alimento and comida


From what I was told

alimento = food (at the store)

comida = food (at home)


You can say that alimento is all that stuff that is suitable to make a meal with, whilst food (comida) is the prepared stuff you eat.

for those who are familiar with German it's like Lebensmittel and Essen.

http://lema.rae.es/drae/srv/search?id=UTyXQrDzL2x5rgDgCkq http://lema.rae.es/drae/srv/search?id=L5tq7BQKZDXX2hfc44yO

If you look at the definitions you will see they can be used as synonyms, but alimento is more related with nutrition and comida with the act of ingesting food.

You can even say Esa comida no alimenta nada, meaning that the nutritional value is nearly 0


I'm marked wrong for saying "we don't have foods", but that is the ONLY translation given for "alimentos"! I'm getting so FED UP with this course!!!!!!!


The hints are not really a cheat sheet that you can look at and do a word for word translation. They are just hints. There is often no word for word translation possible. Words may have to be dropped, added, the whole sentence rearranged. It could be an idiomatic expression where few or none of the words are directly translated. In this particular case we are experts in English (assuming you're a native speaker like myself) and just have to know that "foods" sounds odd here.


Isn't food 'comida' or is there just more than one word?


From what I was taught in middle school

alimento = food (at the store)

comida = food (at home)


So alimentos is more like "groceries" than "food"?


Yes, probably it's the closest translation.

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