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Please turn the default text for Ukrainian on the website to Cyrillic

Or at the very least include the option to change scripts on the timed review sections. It is very annoying to have to back out to change the text from the Latin alphabet to Cyrillic.

This was mentioned as a "feature" to help people who want it. I have no idea why it has been placed as a default.

September 23, 2015



This "feature" shouldve never been allowed to default to Latin!


The option to change does exist. It is near the top of the first page inside the first lesson of the first skill. I had changed it and when I went back after doing other languages it had defaulted back as you say. It is annoying to have to go back to the very first lesson, but at least it is there. It would be nice if it were placed on the home page, but perhaps they had some technical difficulty. If they were able to place it on the first lesson of the first skill, perhaps they will be able to continue that to all the lessons and the time practices as well, but that may be time consuming and they haven't done that as of now. I too prefer Cyrillic for languages that use it.


On the website (computer) version, I've noticed the "switch" button disappears in the timed practice for me, so I have to go into a "practice without timer" exercise, switch it, then go to my home page and pull up the timed practice. Annoying, but a workaround until it's fixed.

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