"Are computers intelligent?"

Translation:Ĉu komputiloj estas inteligentaj?

September 23, 2015

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When did inteligenta join the party?


'Cxu estas komputiloj' inteligentaj was marked wrong. Why doesn't this work?


You may have exceeded the limits of the database. Did you report it?

Typically in Esperanto a question is made by placing ĉu in front of a statement. Komputiloj estas inteligentaj is such a statement. Placing the verb before the noun makes a question in English (and Norwegian), but not in Esperanto. Instead it just relocates the emphasis of the sentence. So, in "real life" your phrasing would be understood, if thought a bit odd. Thus my belief that Duo just doesn't have that word order in their database. I'm certain that they also do not have ĉu inteligentaj komputiloj estas or ĉu inteligentaj estas komputiloj. They all say pretty much the same thing, the emphasis is different, they all might be exactly how people from some country or another would say the same thing, but none of them are in the database, nor should they need to be.

I hope that this helps.


Your response is indeed helpful. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I think I may have got a bit carried away with the idea of word order flexibility without paying attention to the natural expression of the language. Nun mi parolas iomete bone.


Cxu komputiloj estas inteligentaj, is it true that computers are inteligent.


You have to firsr define "intelligence" in order to find out. Intelligence is not a single thing, as we know, but a cluster of differet abilities to process information.

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