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  5. "Ця пара буде післязавтра."

"Ця пара буде післязавтра."

Translation:This class will be the day after tomorrow.

September 23, 2015



The word "пара" (slang word for a class, literally "a pair") comes from "two academic hours" -> "a pair of academic hours" -> "a pair" -> "пара"


Many thanks for this information! Although I knew "пара" from Russian, I didn't see that it's the same word here, nor did I understand that it is slang when used to mean "a class".

Perhaps those using this course to learn English should know also that "exam" is an informal abbreviation: in a formal document it would be "examination" (a word which this course seems to avoid).

"Exam" is usually pronounced "exа́m", although our physics teacher at school would say "éxam".


I guess it coul be also translated: "This match will b e the day after tomorrow."

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