"Jij hebt een bericht."

Translation:You have a message.

3 years ago


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By message, it can be any kind message (audio message, chat message, video message) except an SMS then? Because you seem to use more SMS than bericht for that specific situation.

3 years ago

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Yeah, any sort of message really. We sometimes use it for sms too, but that is merely a matter of preference I think. If you just say 'bericht' it doesn't really specify where you got the message, so yes, use SMS unless you want to say 'he sent me a message on my phone', which makes you sounds like an old dork. Hardly anyone texts anymore over here, everyone uses Whatsapp, so we usually say: Ik app je vanavond! (I'll app you tonight)

3 years ago


Is this to be read in the AOL voice?

2 years ago
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