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Level on dashboard

Hi, I am surprised that the students levels are not displayed on the teacher's dashboard. Would that be possible? Thanks Anna

September 23, 2015



I will let the team know this is something teachers would like to see. Thank you!


Hi Vivisaurus, I just posted about this very topic, having not seen this posting first. I agree wholeheartedly with this. My post below, for your reference. Thank you

Love Duolingo! I reward my students for achieving levels. I did this before DuoLingo for Schools came around and I'm really happy about DuoLingo for Schools, but there is still no quick or easy way to see a user's level.
As in the past, I have to individually click on a student in my leaderboard to open their profile and then see their level. Then I have to return to my home page and click on the next student, etc.
In DuoLingo for schools even this workaround is not available. I can see a list of their XP and Skills, but not levels. And clicking on a student does not bring me anywhere to see their level, either.
Please DuoLingo, can you make a user's level readily available and visible? Thank you!


I agree! I am using the Dashboard with my French classes for outside practice, and I would like to award points based on passing skill levels. I am told that this is the most reliable, honest indicator of student growth and progress.

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