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Unlimited time bug for timed practice

The trains in our country often have wifi, even though the quality is not outstanding it is nice to play DuoLingo while getting from A to B. Timed practice seems to be influenced by this kind of hapsnap connection as more than once I suddenly recieved virtually unlimited time for the timed practice. I have let it count down several minutes to verify the unlimited time is not an optical illusion (screenshot below).

Anyone else got this? Is it related to bad internet (as I never have this at home)?


November 5, 2013



hey! We're aware of this! Thanks, Lebdref.


I suggest you switch this to troubleshooting section where it belongs. Just press edit and then move to troubleshooting. Btw there have been similar reports in that section, check them out.


Thanks, changed it.


Yes, I've had it before but only when I tried to see if the website works on my phone. I can't recreate though..

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