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  5. "Six years, sixty years"

"Six years, sixty years"

Translation:Шість років, шістдесят років

September 24, 2015



Why is it "років" and not "роки"?


Usually we have different words for numbers from 2 to 4 and from 5 to larger numbers


Could someone explain, is the form "літ" used sometimes and if yes where then?

I know, it may just be my native Russian which misguides me, but I think I heard it somewhere. Hope it was not суржик :)


Mainly in song and poetry, idiomatic expressions. Also its forms are part of some words and phrases. Століття (century), літня пані (elderly lady). There bound to be more, that's all I could think from top of my head. I believe its etymology is similar to Russian, from the word for summer (літо), it has to be plural form. I could be completely off though :)

In all modern usage and contexts as far as using word for year/years stick with рік/роки and you'll be fine.

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