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"Tá níos mó bia uaim."

Translation:I want more food.

3 years ago



Why is 'need' marked to be wrong? Others have 'want' marked to be wrong. Any explanations for 'Tá...ó' meaning 'need' or 'want'?

1 year ago


"Tá níos mó bia uaim" is the single most important sentence of all time.

3 years ago


why is need not right?

7 months ago


For those asking about want/need:


The basic meaning of this word is from. For example, Ritheann sé ó theach means He runs from a house.

When used with the verb bí, it conveys the idea of wanting something. For example, Tá bia uaim means I want food. (The literal translation of the phrase would be "food is from me".)

An bhfuil léine uait? Do you want a shirt?

Tá madraí uaidh. He wants dogs.

Tá uathu siúl. They want to walk.

Tá úll ó Phól. Paul wants an apple.

Tá na páistí ó bhean. A woman wants the children.

Another way to express wanting something is to use the verb teastaigh (to be wanted/needed), followed by a version of ó. Written this way, Teastaíonn bia uaim is the alternative way to say I want food; it can also mean I need food. (A literal translation would be "food is needed from me".)

Teastaíonn na leabhair uaithi. She wants/needs the books.

Teastaíonn seacláid uaimid. We want/need chocolate.

Teastaíonn uaim snámh. I want/need to swim.

Teastaíonn cáca ó chailín. A girl wants/needs a cake.

An dteastaíonn na hataí? Are the hats needed?

6 months ago

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What makes this confusing isn't necessarily the use of "ó" or "teastaigh" here, but the fact that previous exercises have accepted "I need" as a correct answer when the sentence included "uaim." In fact, there are a number of exercises that have even offered "I need" as "Another translation" of "uaim" after entering an answer that is marked correct that uses "I want" instead. I do not understand why "I need" has been considered correct so many times before, yet not for this sentence. Is it an error that should be flagged, or is there an aspect of the language that I am still not understanding?

1 month ago


It's not a choice between ó and teastaigh, it's a choice between tá X ó Y and teastaíonn X ó Y.

As the difference between "need" and "want" is often difficult to discern in English, most of these exercises have been updated to accept either verb, but the *tá .. ó * exercises were initially set up as "want", and apparently nobody got around to adding "need"to this exercise.

There are different constructions used in the various dialects for "need" and "want" as well.

1 month ago

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Why not want more ?

1 year ago