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  5. "Вона готує смачні вареники."

"Вона готує смачні вареники."

Translation:She cooks delicious dumplings.

September 24, 2015



Can готує also mean "prepares"?


Here in Canada they are very often called perogies, and spelled 'perogies'; not 'pierogies', and certainly not 'dumplings', which are not the same as вареники. So I think 'perogies' should be accepted.


Пероги(perogies, pierogies) and Вареники(varenyky) are the same. But dumplings are the generalization for everything that's made of pieces of dough with meat (or any other) filling including Indian, Chinese, Japanese and other kind of dumplings such as gujia,modak,dango,mandu, jiaozi.

So perogies, pierogies should be accepted as well. Dumplings is not a proper way to say Varenyky.


No it’s not the same. Вареники is dumplings, varenyky. But пИроги is pies, mostly sweet as in ‘apple pie’ - «яблучний пиріг». There is no word «пЕроги»...


I think it's a regional difference. Historically most of the Ukrainians who came to Canada and settled in the prairies in the late 1800's to the mid 1900's were from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and spoke a different dialect than people from farther east. My mother and her siblings made boiled dumplings filled with potatoes, and they were not called verenyky. My Anglophone ears heard the word as "pedokheh". It was probably either пероги or пироги.


«Пероги» probably, western Ukraine was under heavy polonization, many Polish words made it into everyday usage.


Why does 'tasty' not work for 'смачні' when that's what we've been learning up to this point? Why is it 'delicious' instead?


If you're going to have varenyky on hover hints as a translation option you should not be marking it incorrect. Even though they come under that heading I don't like calling them dumplings when varenyky is acceptable English.

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