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"El período de marzo a septiembre"

Translation:The March to September period

January 4, 2013



What's wrong with the translation of "The period of March to September" instead of from?


I said the same thing


I agree, of is just as good as from.


I see that its now accepted.


Only sometimes. It j accepted "March to September" the first time I saw it but just now it rejected that version in favor of "March and September"


It was accepted for me


now it accepts it


"the period of march to september" should be accepted also, we could say it that way in english.


'the period between March and September' seems more natural. Or 'the time between March and September'.


When you are 100% sure (I said "100%"!) about your answer because you are native speaker of the language, but they say it's wrong, please click "Report a problem" and provide the technical support with your translation. That will help everyone in the future. Thank you.


itastudent why would someone be using duolingo if they were fluent in that language?


zeno 2520 I'm native in French and I go sometimes in the French course, just to help people. I see here , many native in Spanish, I think they want to help here. We must be thankful for that, because with DUO, we don't get all the explanations that we need.


have to agree with the period of March to September translation


What's the difference between "plazo" and "período", very confusing among these similar statements


I agree and why not simply; The period March to September


oops...I translated it as "the period between March and September" because that's how I would say it, but 'between' wasn't used in the Spanish phrase. oh well!


I said, March through September, which I would think to be normal in English. They said not to confuse to and through but I do not think I was doing that. I chose that as it said, el periodo, signifying a period of time. March to September does not seem cohesive enough.


I thinkit shoul be accepted also 'The period from March to September'. I never read their answer written like that untill now.


Could it also be "El plazo" for this type of time? All these different ways to express time is getting very confusing. Any rules to be aware of ? thanks


in this phrase the word "de" expresses both the meanings of "of" and "from" in a very reasonable way


I really like it that many words in these lessons similar to those in English (though sometimes it confusing... :)). And in the answer I choosed automatically "from March" cause is seems native to me (but I'm not native English speaker).


the period lasts from march to September?


I put March through September instead of March to September. Why is this wrong?

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