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"At school French lessons are not given."

Translation:Okulda Fransızca dersi verilmiyor.

September 24, 2015



Why was 'dersleri' for 'lessons' not accepted here?


I added it as an alternative. There is nothing wrong with it :)


Why not 'verilmez' - I would have guessed that 'verilmiyor' meant not being given at this very moment.


"Verilmez" is present simple whereas "verilmiyor" is present continuous.

Your guess is correct. Keep in mind that present continous sometimes carries the meaning of present simple in Turkish.

Using "verilmez" (present simple) in this case can also sound like you're making the subjective statement of "French lessons must not / should not be given at school." but this is advanced semantics for new learners. This meaning can be understood from either context or pronuciation.

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