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Difficulty with masc./fem./neut. forms.

The course doesn't seem to clarify the different forms of words like "my" or "whose" depending on the noun gender very well. I think I may be starting to get it figured out, although it would be nice if anybody could help me out a bit with this. Thanks :-)

September 24, 2015



If you're using the mobile version of Duolingo then there isn't a Tips and Notes area. When using the computer version scroll down before taking the lesson and there will be information. That or it is described in a different lesson


I do use the desktop version, and I did read the notes, but I still thought it was a bit confusing.


Check out these resources: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8786824

http://ukrainiangrammar.com/article/2011-01-22/the-noun-gender.html (Gender of nouns)


http://ukrainiangrammar.com/article/2012-06-19/the-pronoun-cases.html Oh here are some charts! Scroll down for the possessive pronouns which change for gender and for case. There is also a separate form for inanimate things as opposed to animate things, both of which can be any gender which is assigned to words and not so much by what those words represent.

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