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  5. Kolay gelsin.


Kolay gelsin.

Can I use this phrase as a greeting and or farewell to someone working.

September 24, 2015



If you ever go to Turkey, be prepared to use this all of the time. :) Anytime you see anyone working, you can say it to be polite. :)


especially when you are leaving a shop or entering


güzel, bilmemişim bunu, şimdiden her gördüğüm türk bunu onlara söyleyeceğim :)) kolay gelsin


I am not sure but literal translation for this sentence should be "easy come" . As far as i know there is no exact translation for this sentence, i would translate in english as follows ; "I hope everything will be fine/easy in your job"

İ like to use "kolay gelsin" often, not only it includes good wishes but also that has empathy on hardship of manual labour.


I've heard "More wind to your sails!" and "Power to your elbow!", but these expressions are nowhere as commonly used as the Turkish one.


For some native speaker commentary, I have never heard either of those my entire life :D Some people like to say "take it easy," but that obviously isn't a good translation. Some things just don't translate over cultural boundaries. :D

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