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"Du får inte kasta klubban domaren!"

Translation:You are not allowed to throw the stick at the referee!

September 24, 2015



This sentence is cracking me up way more than it should.


It's even better when you translate "domare" with "judge". "Varför gjorde du det?? Det få du inte!!" "Det var rättvist! Han har druckit min katts mjölk!!"


I wrote "throw the bat" and got marked wrong. What would a baseball bat be called, if not klubba?


A baseball bat is ett basebollträ. You can also say just ett bollträ (this includes the ones used for other sports such as brännboll (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Br%C3%A4nnboll) Another possible word is slagträ. The word klubba doesn't work for these sports. It refers to the stick used in e.g. ice hockey or the mallet used in games like croquet or polo.


Tack! This answers the question I just asked a few sentences ago.


Thank you so much. I've hung on understanding what kind of game could be with a stick. Really good clarification. My suggestion to add more details in such kind of sentences. It would definitely help to non-English speakers.


Is att kasta the correct verbage for wizards casting spells? asking for a friend


Why doesn't "mot" work here instead of "på"?


implies that you hit him. Mot says you threw it in his direction but does not necessarily imply that you hit him.


Du får inte kasta domaren på den andra domaren i Sverige!


to the referee is wrong?


That implies that you’re throwing it for the referee to catch it, that would be till in Swedish. In this case someone is throwing the stick in order to hurt the referee or similar.


Can someone explain me the meaning of the sentence?


Imagine a hockey player who gets so angry at a bad call that he throws his hockey stick at the referee. Someone then says the above line basically that you're not allowed to do that.


why pa instead of att domaren?


"att" means "to" as in "to do something", while "på" means "on, to, onto"

"till" would also be wrong, since it would refer to You throwing it to the referee.

Note that "att" and "till" are two completely different meanings of "to". "Till" always means "to someone", "to something" or to a set time, while "att" is used with a verb.


This is the funniest sentence in a course full of funny sentences.


Why not? That's my favorite hobby :'(


The speaker is not clearly defining för and får when she speaks. SAY IT RIGHT!

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