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  5. "Hytta vår er rød."

"Hytta vår er rød."

Translation:Our cabin is red.

September 24, 2015



So is the 'd' silent or not?


I would say the most normal thing is to not pronounce it, but you might hear it now and then, perhaps especially if people are (jokingly) imitating older forms of Norwegian, trying to sound posh, etc.


I was wondering if you were making a joke about Django Unchained or not.


When does rød become rødt?


when it is a noun or when it is paired with a neuter noun

see https://www.duolingo.com/skill/nb/Colors


"The cabin of ours is red." is also accepted as correct by Duolingo. It is a less common form in English, but it is still technically correct.


This makes much more sense to me, I was so confused as to how "The cabin ours is red" made sense as a correct translation. I answered "our cabin is red" with a correct response but it kind of disregards the definite 'the', this clears it up though.


That's how you indicate possession in Norwegian, you put the possessive after the definite noun.


Luke, i've passed by this simple comment...oh so many times...but today I'm receptive!!! THANKS. Mark 20Dec17


why 'rød'? Hyta is the the feminin definite form of 'ei hytte'..


It is because adjectives are only used in the definite form when they are placed before the noun. When it is used as a predicate like here, it is used in the indefinite, and the indefinite feminine form of "rød" is just "rød.

An example of when it would be in the definite form: Den røde hytta vår ligger i Valdres. Our red cabin lies in Valdres.


so 'strawberries are red' would be 'jordbær er røde', while 'a strawberry is red' would be 'et jordbær er rødt', correct?


What a surprise! ☺

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