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"That kind of thing happens often."

Translation:Slikt skjer ofte.

September 24, 2015



Even "such happens often" can't compete with the awesomeness of compact Scandinavian phrases.


I'm confused, do you pronounce it shlikt or slikt?


Depends on which part of town you are in. East end of Oslo would have dominance of SHlikt, while the classy west end would have a clear "slikt" (emphasis on the "i"). In order to make yourself more likely to be understood, go with "Slikt". However, on the west coast of NORWAY (not Oslo), most would say SÅNN skjer ofte/SÅNT skjer ofte.


I am from Røa, the west side of Oslo, and I say schlikt and sånn, mostly sånn.


I am almost positive it is pronounced "Skjli-kt". If it is just pronounced "Sli-kt" i would be surprised


Dakota's right. I'm pretty sure one of the admins said earlier that 'SL' is always pronounced like 'shl/skjl'.


That is correct, even for people from Oslo west


Does slikt have the same meaning as sånt?


Not sure why the solutions show "Slike ..." and "Slikt ...". The former is plural, which (in my understanding) make the sentence mean "Those kinds of things...", the latter is neutral when "ting" is a masculine noun. I guess that this is a long winded why of asking why does it consider "Slik skjer ofte" as having a typo and suggesting the aforementioned solutions.


I noticed that "sånt" is also accepted. Would "Det slags ting" also work?

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