Буква 'а' – Letter 'a'

Hello, I hope it's okay I'm writing in English. My parents are learning English using the Russian interface, but we don't have a Russian keyboard at home so we use Google Input Tools ( Sometimes it's easy to confuse the Russian letter а with the English letter a, so I just wanted to provide a little suggestion: Perhaps users should be allowed to use both letters interchangebly (I.e. a user won't receive a message saying his answer is "almost correct" if his only mistake is confusing these two letters).

Of course this suggestion can be extended to other homographic pairs of letters, but I think that it makes the most sense when the letter also serves as an independent "word" (as the English letter 'a' in our case).

September 24, 2015

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It's a question for programmers and it's very difficullt to reach them . All our requests, for example, about the automatic switching keyboard layouts have been ignored. Therefore, in my view, your request has no future.
Так это вопрос к программистам, а до них достучаться очень сложно. Все наши запросы, например, по поводу автоматического переключения раскладки клавиатуры были проигнорированы. Поэтому Ваш запрос, по моему мнению, бесперспективен.

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