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Stanford Esperanto Course Starts Next Week (9/29)

If you live near the San Francisco Bay Area, an Esperanto course will begin on 9/29 6:30-8:30 PM at Stanford, offered free to students and non-students alike. The course has been taught since 1990, but this will likely be its final year. If you have been thinking about how best to practice listening and speaking skills, this is it!

According to the instructor, if you are not a student, attendance is not mandatory, and you can pop in and out.

For more information: http://www.esperanto.org/stanford/.

To notify or contact the professor: stanford@esperanto.org

Please consider coming! It would be lovely to speak with other Duolingo students and use the language together.

September 24, 2015



Hello all,

I've been getting comments about the class, so i'd like to clarify.

I've been teaching Esperanto at Stanford since 1990... this will be my 26th year. I am ending it only because it's time to move on. I've really enjoyed it. I am now toying with the idea of having shorter, perhaps 8 week classes, but in different locations. Berkeley/Oakland first. Then perhaps San Jose? I'll have to find venues and people who want to come to the classes, etc. It will be a bit of a job. But i think i may be able to reach more people than just those who want to, or are able to, come to the beautiful Stanford campus. We'll see.

So, if you're interested in learning Esperanto... in particular hearing what it sounds like from experienced users, then by all means come to my classes.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Why is the course ending?


It looks like I may have been wrong about that: I can no longer find the text where I got that idea in the first place.

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