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  5. "My cell phone is lost."

"My cell phone is lost."

Translation:Cep telefonum kayboldu.

September 24, 2015



Ello what's the difference beyween kayboldu / kaybettim?


"kaybolmak" is "to be lost"

"Kaybetmek" is "to lose" :)


Kayboldu: It disappeared / It lost (by itself)

Kaybettim: I lost it


Kayboldu: It disappeared / It was lost, is lost, has been lost?


still not clear when to use (kaybol-mak) and kaybet-mek) and is they are interchangeable, is there is any one explain it in more little details?..thank you


Hello, Dr.M.saeed. The bit of research I've done indicates that they are not interchangeable, though related.

Here is a brief discussion of these very words: http://www.turkishclass.com/forumTitle_60796

Also, I have not confirmed this, but I see that the word kayıp can be a noun ('loss') or an adjective ('lost,' 'missing'). I'm thinking that these two verbs may relate to kayıp in this way:

kayıp olmakkaybolmak
kayıp etmekkaybetmek

(Evidence for this from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_grammar#Auxiliary_verbs)

Whatever the case, their basic meanings are

kaybolmak : to be lost, disappear
kaybetmek : to lose


Do you really need "cep"? I'm not sure about the Americanism, but nobody really says "mobile phone" any more, they just say "phone". Do people still insist on "cep telefonu" in Turkey?


Supposedly, a lot of Turks just say "cep". Maybe if I get this sentence again, I'll try "Cebim kayboldu", just to see if it's accepted.


Kaybettim is correct

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