"У магазині"

Translation:In a store

September 24, 2015

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I have seen the word "Крамниця" also written when I was recently in Lviv. Is this variant also common throughout Ukraine?


Yes, it's a pretty name for "a store", "a shop" ^^


So the preferred word is магазин"? It seemed too Russian when I heard it hear. I figured крамниця would be preferred. It is interesting comparing what I learned in Pimsleur with this course.


Is "склеп" used for store at all in Ukraine today? My бабуня uses it.


‘Склеп’ is a regional word for ‘a shop’ where influence of Polish (sklep) is still strong. While we share many words with Polish, this one is extremely rare nowadays. In modern Ukrainian ‘склеп’ means only ‘crypt, vault’ and sometimes ‘cellar’ — in Polish, as I see, it's quite the opposite, these meanings have become obsolete. If you are interested, ‘склеп’ is an ancient Slavic word.


It's not, but some people know of its existence :) (otherwise they'll think of this)

It's dialectal and I think survived in the Canadian diaspora (if I'm not mistaken).


I don't seem to hear the letter "i" pronounced at the end of магазині. I also noticed during the instrumental case lessons that the "y" in лимону wasn't pronounced. Is there a reason why it gets dropped sometimes?


It’s there, just very faint.


Thanks. I'll have to try listening with my headphones on, the audio on DL is usually more clear that way.


Np. One more thing I'd suggest is to try google translate app or website. Ukrainian TTS on there is surprisingly very good. You just choose Ukrainian to English and type up anything you would like to hear and after just click audio to preview pronunciation.


Магазин..."и" changes it to shops and "і" changes it to store. Any reason for this? Rules!!!


I'm not sure what you mean...

Магазин - singular Nominative ("one shop/store")

Магазини - plural Nominative ("shops/stores")

(У) магазині - singular Locative ("in a shop/store")

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