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"The flight attendant is waiting in the plane."

Translation:Hostes uçakta bekliyor.

September 24, 2015


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I said "uçakta hostes bekliyor", and it was marked wrong ("hostes" and "uçakta" reversed). Should this have been accepted? If not, why can't "uçakta" come at the beginning?


It could be fine in a sense if you want to put special stress on "flight attendant." So, "It is the flight attendant who is waiting in the plane" or something along the lines of that. That is the only time that someone would use that word order in Turkish and we want to make sure that people learn the standard word order and don't get into bad habits :)

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Ah, thanks. I didn't realize there was an emphasis implied with that word order.


Could you also say: Hostes ucagain icinde bekliyor. ?

Thank you!


"Hostes" obviously comes from "hostess", but can it be used for male flight attendants? I got this wrong party because I guessed "flight attendant" would be "stevard".

I checked Google Translate and it translates "flight attendant" as "uçuş görevlisi". Maybe I'll try that at the next pass.


I have found at least one source that distinguishes between to "Host" (male) and "Hostes" (female).

This is interesting because "garson" (waiter) is gender-neutral in Turkish even though it came from French as specifically male: "garçon" (formerly "waiter", now only "boy").

As a side note, Turkish Airlines (Türk Hava Yolları) also refers to a flight attendant as: kabin memuru

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