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Ancient Language Courses - Latin, Greek, Hebrew

The benefits of learning modern languages is obvious. In an increasingly global culture, it makes sense (besides, we American's are to lazy when it comes to learning languages anyway).

I'd like to see Duolingo tackle some ancient languages: Latin; ancient Greek (Attic would probably be the most useful); Biblical Hebrew. I've learned these languages the traditional way, but I've been able to learn French much faster with Duolingo.

Learning ancient languages not only allows the wisdom of the past to maintain a presence in the modern culture, but it's extremely important to the academic community (historians, philosophers, etc...). If Duolingo were to launch ancient language courses, they would go a long way towards educating people everywhere in a way that would be both magnificently significant, but unique.

September 24, 2015



How about Old Irish? It has the oldest vernacular literature in Western Europe.


I want to be able to learn all ancient languages because at university I am aiming to do a classics degree. About to enter my HSC! Wish me luck!


There has been much talk of Latin and I would be surprised if it does not come along eventually. I think the Duolingo approach would actually be very appropriate here, since speaking will not be a priority.


I like ancient languages, but I am really doubtful about them on Duolingo. However, Duolingo tends to privilege translation, which is the (only?) skill you need for them.

Nevertheless, I still believe that you need a solid background in the grammar of your target language, in order to read ancient writings. So, I am not sure. I don't believe a Duolingo course will be useful if done with the "standard" Duolingo approach.


I don't think the ancient languages are any more grammatically complex than modern languages.


I'd love Biblical Hebrew for reading the Torah and Latin because the Romans were just impressive people.

Just a thought. I wonder will Modern English be studied a thousand years from now because of the massive influence the US and UK have on the world.


I don't think English 1000 years from now will be fairly different from English now. With the Digital Age and widespread literacy, I don't think English will change as much as it might have 1000 years ago.


I would certainly like to see ancient Greek in some form.


I would really like to see Old Norse!

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