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"Ju pli mi lernas, des pli mi amas ĉi tiun lingvon."

Translation:The more I learn, the more I love this language.

September 24, 2015



I like this "Ju pli... des pli" structure for some reason.


You can also use "Ju malpli ...des malpli ..." or "Ju pli ... des malpli ...".
It is similar in German "Je ... desto..."


Ju pli mi vidas, des malpli mi scias, des pli mi sxatas lasi, hejo.


Mi konvenas kun vi. Ĉiutage la amo kreskigas. :)


Mi konsentas kun vi. Ĉiutage la amo kreskas. Via frazo konvenas por mi. Ĝi kreskigas la amon ĉiutage


So Ju and Des have no direct English translation, and thy are used in this context, butthen can we change the order of ju and des in sentences?


ju and des do have a direct English translation -- they both translate to "the".

Unfortunately, to two different senses of the word "the", neither of which is the definite article... the word "the" has too many uses in English.

And you can't change their order -- ju is used in the clause that sets up the "cause", des in the clause that explains the "effect". Usually, they come in that order -- you would say "The less I sleep, the more tired I am" more often than "I am more tired the less I sleep".

If you look up https://www.dictionary.com/browse/the , it's "the²", meaning 2 -- ju is the one "with relative force" and des the one "with demonstrative force" according to their explanation.


The voice does not say Des pli mi amas etc.I says des pli amas


The voice says "mi" twice, but speaks quickly

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