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  5. "The rabbit drinks milk."

"The rabbit drinks milk."

Translation:Tavşan süt içer.

September 25, 2015



Is not it the words with "the" needs to add an "i" to the end of the word, like here tavşani instead of tavşan?


Nope, subjects are never in the accusative case. It is only for direct objects and a few time expressions.

There is no way to distinguish "a rabbit" and "the rabbit" when they are subjects (unless you choose to include "bir" in front of it).

Read this carefully to learn more about the accusative: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7738396


just... don't even go there.


Why sütü is wrong in this case?


Please open and read the information in the link I posted above. All of the answers are there :)

Basically, the accusative case is only for specific direct objects :)


İ can speak turkish how need help


Whenever i read the word tavşan and i know it means bunny, i feel sorry for it, cuz tavşan or tafşan in the arabian golf dilect it means "had enough of, or bored"

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