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"Istanbul has grown so much while I was not here."

Translation:Ben burada değilken İstanbul çok büyümüş.

September 25, 2015



"Burada değilken İstanbul çok büyümüş" should have been accepted.


why can't I say ''buradaken değilim''


If there is a verb in the expression, you should always add the "-ken" suffix after the verb. And you cannot use the -ken suffix with a vowel before it, in this situation, you should add "-y" before the "-ken". Some examples are: burada+y+ken, burada yaşıyor+ken, burada değil-ken, seninle+y+ken etc...


"While I was here, I am not" ? That makes little sense.


"Ben burada değilken, istanbul o kadar büyümüş ki" cümlesi neden kabul edilmedi?


When you put a ! to English sentence for that meaning. Btw funny Nick.


Why doesn't "burada değilken" indicate either tense (-di-) or person (-im)? It seems to imply "I, while it (İstanbul?) is not here, ... ",


The sentence consists of three parts. [İstanbul] [ben burada değilken] [çok büyümüş.] You are probably confused because of "while I WASN'T here..." The difference is, in English it is a compound sentence while in Turkish it is is a basic sentence. There is only one predicative in basic Turkish sentence and it's not "değilken" but "çok büyümüş." So the latter is the one that has to be conjugated.


Would "İstanbul o kadar büyümüş" not be acceptable?

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