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"She was able to eat."

Translation:Ella pudo comer.

5 years ago


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she was able to eat.

to be able to : ser capaz de, poder. ella fue capaz de comer, ella pudo comer.

So you accept "lograr" but you dont accept "ser capaz de". Interesting when the whole definition os "being able to do smthg" is "ser capaz de hacer smthng".

5 years ago

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It's best to report these issues using the "report a problem" button. The sentence discussions are meant to be about understanding the sentences.

5 years ago


I agree that based on dictionary definitions, it should accept poder (pudo/podía) or "ser (fui/era) capaz de". But lograr also has a definition of "to be able to" so that would seem OK too. Native speaker could give us a better answer of course.

2 years ago


Just a heads up–lograr also has the definition of "to attain" and "to achieve."

3 months ago


ella lograba comer, seems reasonable.Is there any reason this shouldnt be accepted?

1 year ago


Report it.

3 months ago