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Phrsal Future vs Future

Duo seems to emphasize using Phrasal Future and I've come across many sentences where Duo will accept Phrasal Future but not Future. Is there a difference between how they are used? Also, can any native or fluent Spanish speakers chime in on whether Phrasal Future or Future is used more by native speakers?

4 years ago



My Spanish teachers in three countries have told me that one can get by a loooong time using just 'ir a + infin' That is not to say the future is not used, but I heard the phrasal a great deal in Mexico and Argentina. Some folks say that the phrasal is for 'near future' but I have heard people use it when talking abaout next year's plans, so.......

4 years ago

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I understand from forumers here that the phrasal future is preferred in the americas.

However, the simple future is preferred in Spain.

Using either version should be understood through the spanish-speaking world.

4 years ago