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"Språket er et instrument for tanken."

Translation:Language is an instrument for thought.

September 25, 2015



Does språk also mean speech?

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No, that would be 'tale'(m).


Why the 'the'?


It's because broad and/or abstract concepts are most often in the definite form in Norwegian. It seems strange to native English speakers because we don't use the definite form that way. (I don't mean to assume that you are one, but it could be a possible explanation if you're confused by the use of the definite form.) Take for example 'life', which is obviously a broad and pretty abstract concept - in Norwegian, it's referred to in the definite form as 'livet'. Like, 'livet er sånn' - 'life is like that'.


I assume you are referring to the use of "språket" rather than "språk". It seems optional to me, but maybe the mods will comment?


I typed in "The language . . " and was told that I needed the "the" but there is no "the" in the correct answer. VERY CONFUSING !

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