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Weekly XP check doesn't work

When I try to check my students' XP for a certain week, the result is their "all-time" XP only. Refreshing doesn't help, because when it's set to show me their XP for a certain week, and I refresh, it defaults back to "all time." I have to be able to check their XP by week, or else there is no more Duolingo in my classroom.

I first noticed the problem last night, and it's still happening this morning.

September 25, 2015



I've noticed the same thing in my classroom. I really rely on the weekly xp for checking student progress. Please fix this soon.


There was a bug with weekly XP but it should have been fixed. Can you please check again and let us know what you're seeing (if it's still happening)?


Fixed. ¬°Gracias!


why crule world why

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