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"Jeg har bare kjent henne i en uke, men hun er mitt livs kjærlighet."

Translation:I have only known her for a week, but she is the love of my life.

September 25, 2015



Got it on the first try ! I know it's simple but I'm proud of myself and to me it means Duolingo is effective !


Such emotion. Wow. Much infatuate


Romantic, or creepy... Depending on your disposition. Personally I'm a creep, so I find it romantic. ^^


A pity that 'soul mate' is not accepted :p


"I have just known her for a week but she is the love of my live" is wrong - why? Is there such a big difference in meaning when using "just" instead of "only". For me it's almost the same. Thanks.


No, the issue is with the spelling of "life".

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