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  5. "Jeg har en maur og en mus."

"Jeg har en maur og en mus."

Translation:I have an ant and a mouse.

September 25, 2015



Is it usual in Norway to keep one ant as a pet?


Yes, very common. But not in the house, we usually have them as some kind of farm animals living outside our house, and we build these things called "maurtue" for them to live in. If the ant is behaving badly we usually call it a "pissmaur" while the sweet ones that make good pets we call "sukkermaur". The early Norwegians even tried taming ants for riding, thus the name "hestemaur".


We should try to tame those ants again, I'm sure the "hestemaur" concept would work very well.


Did you just make these up


Those words are real, if that's what you are asking.


I had a friend come over and started freaking out because there was a wasp in the house. I laughed and told him it was a Norwegian ant


Just one. Of each. Most easily handled infestation ever.


Weird choice of pets.


Who ever made this corse, I want what ever they are on..




I'm having such a hard time with the pronunciation of "maur" even when I slow it down. Any tips?


It seems like it is two syllables "mah" + "oor". English doesn't really have any word with sounds that match the second half, it is a long u folled by r


It's one syllable. The "au" sound is a diphtong, and can maybe be approximated by the "ou" sound in "ouch". It's not really a good approximation, though, but it's the closest I can think of easily available to an English speaker. Or maybe you can hear it as "a" from the word "man" and "u" from the word "buddy", but put together into one unit.

It's a tricky one.


Because having a cat and a dog is too mainstream.


... og en veldig liten lelighet.


That's a very difficult sentence to pronounce!


When your animal collection is seriously lacking


So let me try to tell the real story ...

Kyllingen var ikke glad i dag.
Hun hadde sovet dårlig og ikke kunnet legge egg.
Da bondekona kom til buret for å få eggene, og savnet egget hennes
så spurte hun kyllingen om årsaken til denne feil legging.
«Beklager» sa kyllingen, «jeg har nesten ikke sovet.
Jeg har en maur og en mus i buret.
Gjøre noe, vær så god?»

Slik kom kona til å ha en maur og en mus som kjæledyr.

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