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Grammar mistake

This is so silly I know but I feel that since a few of my student's brought it up I should try and correct it. On the dashboard where it shows all my classes, it shows as : Mercedes's classes. Really it should be Mercedes' classes to be grammatically correct. Thanks for your help. I tried to see if somehow I can correct but I cannot find a way to do it.

September 25, 2015



a few of my student's brought it up

You know, since we're on the topic of grammar mistakes. :)


Thanks for the heads up!!! My mistake on that one :o(


It's just the way the page is programmed; you cannot change it. Duolingo takes your name, whether it's Mercedes, lrtward, or sssss and just adds an apostrophe-s to the end of it.


a singular noun (such as Mercedes) that ends in "s" - receives a possessive apostrophe "s" - so it is, indeed, Mercedes's classes


It's more BE than AE, but I see it in the US more often these days. I was taught same rule that Mercedes learned.


thanks for the input. Either way is fine to me, honestly but the rule here in the US is if it ends in "s" it cannot take an s to show possession. I really only questioned it because the students keep asking me about it. I will tell them it is BE and that will end the discussion. Have a wonderful day in Duolandia!

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