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Join my class

Question: I have students with DuoLingo accounts already. How do they join the class using their exisiting account?

September 25, 2015

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I am learning the German,so I want to join classroom or need teacher ....so kindly help me..


Classrooms are part of "Duolingo for Schools" (https://schools.duolingo.com/) and it is meant to be used by real teachers with their real life students. It is also used by parents who wish to monitor their children's learning and progress.

Sometimes a normal user creates a classroom, thinking it is going to be like a fun club or practice group, and they post the code or link and invite other users to join. Moderators delete these posts for two reasons:

The code/link exposes the "teacher's" email address, which is a security risk and against Duolingo's guidelines The "students" who join the classroom give the "teacher" the ability to:
a. remove portions of the course
b. prevent them from using the discussion forums
c. see their email address
d. reset their password

Duolingo for Schools is a great tool in the right settings, but it's not something the average person would benefit from.


I wish they would make a group learning option for general users. I would like to be able to communicate on the platform with other users.


You can click on "invite students" once you are in that classroom on your dashboard and share the link with them. If they are logged in already, they can just accept letting you track them in the pop-up that appears when they click on the link. Let us know if there are any issues! :]

[deactivated user]

    can I join a class id no one invited me?


    I'm curious, why would you want to? Is there a problem with the invite?


    And what if the link doesn't generate? I've got the window where the link is supposed to be but it's not there :(

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