"I need to drink water."

Translation:Su içmem lazım.

3 years ago



why not "içmeyi"?

I'm so confused still :(

"içmeyi or içerim" when would I use/not use the ending "-im" and when to use/not use the accusative?

3 years ago


Lazım is always used with a noun in nominative. Like "Para lazım" (we need money / money is necessary).

When you have a verb, you have to turn into a noun -which by the way is an extremely simple thing to do: just omit the final K from the infinitive: içmek (to drink) -- içme (drinking).

From that point on, you can "possess" it like any other noun. Just like how you would say: "pencere" (window) -- pencerem (my window), you can also say: içme (Drinking) -- içmem (my drinking).

içmem lazım = my drinking is necessary = I need to drink.

3 years ago


Oh! So lazım ıs the whole word? I was thinking that it had the suffix -ım, and that this was some odd verb form meaning I need. Now this makes sense! Thanks!

2 years ago


Thanks for the great expanation Ektoraskan :-))

2 years ago
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