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Finished the Ukrainian tree!

After much work getting used to the Cyrillic alphabet (especially typing in it!), I have completed the Ukrainian tree! This is my 7th tree completed on Duolingo! I think that the tree is very well put together and is great at teaching such a complex language, especially with the cases. The creators of the tree put the case lessons in just the right place that made it easy to learn them and then continue learning new topics without having to worry about remembering all of the different rules. I wasn't really expecting to get into Ukrainian, considering that I had started the tree just as a way to have some fun while waiting for Russian to come out. I have gotten to really appreciate this beautiful language, despite all of the complexities it may appear to have. If anyone has any suggestions of how to continue studying Ukrainian after the tree, please tell me! I especially like reading newspapers and children's books in other languages! Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE MODERATORS AND CREATORS OF THE UKRAINIAN COURSE! Without you, I probably wouldn't have even thought to learn Ukrainian in the first place! :)

September 25, 2015



Congrats. :) I'm happy that you liked Ukrainian course!

Question. Did this course help you with understanding real-world Ukrainian, meaning radio, tv, Internet articles, etc?


To be honest, I'm not really sure. I have not encountered that much real-world Ukrainian so far, other than the newspaper День which I can understand fairly well, although I do have to look up words every so often. I do think that the course has left me with a good understanding of the language!


"Day" counts as a good test of your Ukrainian, I would say :)

So you just used Duolingo without any supplemental resources?


No, I used a lot of supplemental resources, but it was pretty hard to find radio and tv in Ukrainian. I did do a lot of extra reading on the Internet in Ukrainian.


Ah, ok. I was just trying to gauge what level can you reach with using only duolingo. If you still interested in additional resources let me know and I will share what I know and can find with you.


Yeah, it would be great to hear some new resources!


Congrats! I can suggest you some web pages with Ukrainian radio/TV


7th tree!!! - Congratulations!


Congratulations, I wish to finish one of my trees too.


Thanks! Good luck to you too!


Congratulations! :D I'm jealous!


Thank you! Good luck in your own language studies!


Dziękuję bardzo! Thank you so much! Дуже дякую!


7th tree completed? WOW, that's a lot! Вітаю! ;)


Congratulations!! I found an online radio station in Ukrainian called Radio Emmanuil (it's mostly gospel type music, but anything helps!) and they have an app in the App Store which is quite convenient. If you search for it I would suggest typing in Cyrillic. I also came across this blog which has some useful resources for learning Ukrainian too http://travellingual.tumblr.com/post/100384037811/resources#Ukrainian. I also started the reverse tree and that seems to be a big help (: Good luck with your learning!


Thank you for the resources! Good luck to you too!


I like BBC Ukrainian a lot for news. Admittedly, it is kind of wordy though. Gonna check out the daily you suggested. http://www.bbc.com/ukrainian


I was reading some old posts. Congratulations. Radio Culture from Ukraine live streams on the internet. It has a wonderful selection of Ukrainian culture; music; opera and conversations. I love listening to the academic style conversations and the olde style radio drama. This radio station is great for listening to daily Ukrainian weather; news and current events. This can be found at: Ref: http://www.nrcu.gov.ua/schedule/play-live.html?channelID=3


I think Ukranian is one of the best courses on duolingo

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