"What sorts of bread do you have?"

Translation:Hvilke sorter brød har du?

September 26, 2015

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The hint says "slags." My dictionary says "slags." The autocorrect says "slag." And then here it says "sorter..."


i want to say our choices are

  • hva slags
  • hvilke slag
  • hvilke sorter

where et slag is the equivalent of en sort in this context, and slag is in indefinite plural form. the use of hvilke means what follows needs to be plural.

hva slags is more of a fixed expression, if i'm remembering correctly, with 'slags' technically being the genitive form of slag.

so the hints system is probably just getting confused.


Why should i be the only one getting confusing.


'what' is 'hva', not 'hvilke'

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