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"Byen forbereder seg til festen."

Translation:The city is preparing for the party.

September 26, 2015



Is there a different word for 'festival', or is 'fest' more ambiguous than its english equivalents? I tried 'festival' here and was penalized, but I would never in english use the word 'party' to refer to something an entire city would prepare for.


festival != fest

I don't think it'd be common for an entire city to prepare to a 'fest' either, but then again, Duo-sentences aren't always normal.


Bear in mind that 'by' in Norwegian can refer to places that would never be called 'city' in English. If you look up 'liste over norske byer' on Wikipedia, there are several places that have 'bystatus' with only a couple of thousand inhabitants. They could easily hold a collective party!


Whether or not a place calls itself a city is politically decided. There used to be regulations about size and number of inhabitants to get city status. I think most people think as a minimum a city should have a Main Street. The term village (landsby) is not common in Norway but after travelling a bit abroad I have taken to call small places that. Especially small places that call themselves by

Tettsted, is the term closest to village (my google translate says town = tettsted). I do feel a village has more of a centre than most Norwegian tettsteder, as rural areas we call tettsted nowadays has few shops other than (perhaps) a gas station.


Isnt a village called bygde in norwegian ?


En bygd is pretty similar to en landsby. Which is not unlike et tettsted. I'd say the first is the smallest and the third the biggest, but that is not science (after all, being a city is politically decided and has nothing to do with population or commerce or anything)


A party is a small affair with only a few dozen to maybe a hundred people. What you are talking about would more properly be called a ball or a gala, if not festival. I work in event tech and I have worked several festivals with no more than a few hundred in attendance.


Festival = festival


Tusen takk to both of you! :)


Could the word 'feast' be used?


Sorry about the late reply, but actually only "party" is on the allowed list. I'll habe to consult my dictionary on that to see if I agree on such a strict definition.

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