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Request for Duolingo to open Profile-links in new windows

I am happy to see that Duolingo actually does listen:
When some of us posted that links which open in the same window can destroy the progress of a lesson, it was changed and all links now open in a new window - thank you Duolingoteam!

However, there is still a "bug" in the profiles: On Immersion, when you can see contributers, links to profiles open nicely in external windows so that the immersion-text is not surfed away from;
but in the normal discussions (like this one and the ones about lesson-phrases) the profile links still open in the same window which then can still result in a learner losing the entire progress once s/he clicked on a profile-name or -avatar.

So, since I don't know where to report problems I write my concern into a new forum topic and hope that one of the moderators sees it. If yes, then please could you explain to all of us here how (or where) we can report bugs or submit feature requests without bothering the entire user-comunity?

Thanks for everything, may the lingots be with you!

September 26, 2015

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Edit: There are many more problems with links in Duolingo:
On other pages (like personal comments) links aren't opened in new windows.
I guess this would be a proper project for Duolingo to get someone to check all links and make them open in new windows to avoid frustration.

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