"Der Bau"

Translation:The building

January 4, 2013



i think that better and only correct translation of "Der Bau" is --- "the construction" --becouse translation of "The building" is "das Gebäude"


That's not really true, 'der Bau' can refer to a building, although this isn't used as often as 'Gebäude' and stands more often in the context of 'Altbau' and 'Neubau' (old and new building). The homes of certain animals are called that (e.g. burrow, den or hole - in the German translation of Harry Potter the Weasleys live in the 'Fuchsbau' = fox's den/burrow) and colloquially it's even used for prison.

So, long story short, 'construction' is not the only correct translation.

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    @ sunaj and Nos I agree with sunja as you see. Your thoughts are OK, but you state yourself that the word "Bau" has the meaning of Haus/Gebaeude in it.

    For sure because is actually means it, but is not used as such in the German language. And now you come with all you compound substantives:

    They have all their meaning in the language and are used as you pointed out above.

    Der Bau as such is used: as constructions site. (construction in progress)


    Das Bauwerk, der Fuchsbau, der Altbau/Neubau, and all the others stand for something which is already finished in which other state it doesn't matter. Can be old, new, for animals, and you correctly pointed out: "in den Bau gehen" is (coll.) and means to go to prison/jail.


    Thats interesting. In English people will also say someone is going to the big house meaning jail.


    I studied "Bauhaus" in modern archtecture history. What does it mean exactly?


    On a side note, Bauhaus is the name of an old Goth band from the early 80's.


    I guess it is "the house bulding"


    I think haus here is used with artistic license to mean school or institute. Bau loosely being the science of building. Just a clever a Walter Gropius-ism. Bauhaus is also a German hardware store


    Der Bau Bau...chick...chicka chickaaaaa


    In English, building is used for construction as in "I can see the building work"


    Can somebody please comment on when "Aufbau" would be a more appropriate word to use than "Bau", in relation to 'construction'?

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      As "Aufbau" is one of the German words which has more than a handful of meanings in English please refer to: http://www.dict.cc/?s=aufbau

      it is not easy but I give it a try.

      1st "Der Aufbau" as a term is used to describe the process of the erection of a building/structure or the build-up if you want to call it like this,

      but also to describe the way the structure/building was designed.


      2nd "Der Aufbau der Huette besteht aus einem Lattengeruest.", The construction/architecture/composition/structure of the hut is based on a timber framework, hence it is an architectual term to describe how the structure is designed, main components, metal or timer frame, brickwork, widespan, self-supporting etc.

      3rd If something is built on top of something else, lets say a tower-like structure on top of a solid building, the tower would be the "Aufbau" build-up on top of the base structure.


      Excellent, thanks.

      I use dict.cc quite regularly, along with the other usual suspects, but I still couldn't quite pin this "Aufbau/Bau" thing down. My unabridged print dictionary made me even more curious, as one entry was "construction, building", and the other "building, construction" amongst other things. Still, you've explained that quite nicely, thanks, and I get to add "das Gerüst" to my vocabulary learning system, courtesy of your second example!


      Sunaj, I agree. I've never heard Der Bau used alone to describe a building in German..... In any event, it is not the first word that comes to mind for "building"


      So "Bauhaus" means "Building house" ...


      would it be wrong to say Das Bau as Bau is masculine? thanks


      how do u say builder?

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