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"Who is eating the salt and the sugar?"

Translation:Hvem spiser saltet og sukkeret?

September 26, 2015



Why must Norwegians insist on eating condiments


Nobody told us they were only for decoration!


How can I know if the word ends with -en or -et ?


By learning the grammatical gender of the word at the same time as you learn the word. See https://www.duolingo.com/skill/nb/Basics-2 for more


Are there any general rules or guidelines for which words are masculine and which are feminine?


No. I'm afraid you'll have to learn it word by word. Remember that there are three genders, though, and focus on the masculine and the neuter, as feminine nouns can be masculine, too.


Is there any way to group objects together with an "of" so that the "the" does not need to be repeated, for example in English I would say "I am eating the pasta and rice" but the rice would still be a definite


No, as the definite article is attached to the noun, it's only able to modify that particular noun & you'll have to repeat it for each word.


Is the final 't' in 'saltet' meant to be pronounced? I haven't come across any words where it isn't silent yet, so is it an exception or just a mistake? Takk :)


Why is the final -t- silent in most words, including kjøttet, which also ends with -tet, yet in saltet, the -t- is pronounced?

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